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TImeline of the Life of Tommie Mabry

“Never Give Up On Hope”



I am Tommie Mabry, founder of Tommie Mabry Company and Best Selling Author of A Dark Journey To a Light Future and If Tommie Can Do It, We Can Do It.   I am striving to give educators and students a true look at many factors that daunts academic achievement.  My platform tackles the experiences and challenges that at-risk students face in communities and educational environments.  By focusing on real-life topics such as, bullying, life skills, classroom management and more, it gives students a positive outlook on teaching and learning and the ability to balance. 


As an advocate for education and student success, I travel around the country encouraging educators to focus on the whole student and motivating youth to never give up on hope.  The Tommie Mabry Company has touched many lives and opened doors for youth by acknowledging my personal struggles and demonstrating my success after graduating from Tougaloo College with a Masters of Arts in Child Development and developing the Tommie Mabry Company.  Take a look at what many are saying about our journey.......

"Mr. Mabry I was deeply honored to listen to you speak today on your life and how you succeeded because you didn’t let people control who you were and that touched me and caused me to make up my mind right then and there that I need to continue to follow my dream and become somebody one day.  I always let people get to me and tell me I can’t make it because I am not that smart but I know what I’m capable of doing and I know that I’m a very smart young man……. Today listening to you made me change my whole mind set and now I believe in myself and know that I can do it and I may have struggles in Math but I believe that with God all things are possible."


Letter from a High School Student

Be Confident, Be Determined, Be Motivated, Be Yourself  (Tommie Mabry)

As you can see from a recent high school student, its evident that our program demonstrates positive outcomes.  We are ready to assist your organization with making sure that all students are Confident, Determined and Motivated!   


Please view my press kit for an overview of our program, speeches, supporters and much more.  I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Thank you

Tommie Mabry

CEO, Tommie Mabry Company