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So you were sitting there and then another voice said to me walk up to him. I asked myself: Why would I walk up to a guy with like a million tattoos? So the voice kept repeating itself. At this point I'm tired of the voice so I start to walk towards you  and my nerves took the best of me and I walked straight past you. then the voice got deeper and louder "Walk up to Him". So I did as the voice told me. 


Then this flood of comfort overwhelmed me that I'm not used to. So we hugged and everything that I was going through was just lifted off of me. Every suicidal thought was lifted, every thought of unforgiveness towards my father was lifted. Because I feel my prophecy has been fulfilled. 


So now I'm looking towards a new height in serving the one and only God who was and is to come. I really wrote this e-mail asking can you be my mentor. 


High School Student, Atlanta Georgia

"Mr. Mabry I was deeply honored to listen to you speak today on your life and how you succeeded because you didn’t let people control who you were and that touched me and caused me to make up my mind right then and there that I need to continue to follow my dream and become somebody one day.  I always let people get to me and tell me I can’t make it because I am not that smart but I know what I’m capable of doing and I know that I’m a very smart young man…
 Today listening to you made me change my whole mind set and now I believe in myself and know that I can do it and I may have struggles in Math but I believe that with God all things are possible."

Letter from a High School Student

Be Confident, Be Determine, Be Motivated, Be Yourself (Tommie Mabry)

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