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Tommie Mabry Leadership


The student leadership Institute is conducted by Dr. Tommie Mabry, together with a team of volunteers and train experts over two days for 5 consecutive months throughout the school year, allowing students to take part in an experience that is during school hours, It introduces students to challenges that increase in complexity and duration and provides them with practical tools to meet them.


Target Areas


• Problem solving

• Critical thinking                                                            

• Effective communication skills

• Decision making

• Creative thinking

• Self-awareness building skills

• Coping with stress and emotions          

• Goal setting strategies

• Re-define home cultural  

• Things to BEWARE of

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Tommie Mabry Company areas of Focus include:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Corporate Leadership 

  • Childhood Trauma and Toxic Stress

  • School Climate and Culture

  • Building Collegial Relationships

  • Classroom Management 

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACEs) 

  • Professional Development for Staff

  • Parental and Community Engagement

  • Athletic Development



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TML is an institute of students who are committed to the institute mission of developing the mind, body, and spirit of each child to the highest standards. This mission is to build confidence, resilience and responsibility, turning students into empowered, inspiring leaders.
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